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The combination of « Pâte de Cristal » with precious metals, the magic happens...
Welcome to a new world, enter the ...


The realization of jewelry brand and created by Frédéric Mertz (chemical engineer by training and passionate self-taught designer) based on the technique of glass pulp or rather the fusion technique of lost wax crystal. Indeed, the molten glass is actually a pulp of crystals containing about 24% lead oxide. This crystal is born in a crystal production plant located in Portieux in the Vosges.

Frédéric Mertz designs and creates jewelry with “Pâte de Cristal”. Frames of precious metals (silver, rhodium silver, vermeil, gold) are entirely handmade. He can also marry “Pâte de Cristal” with glass stones, semiprecious stones, cameos, enamels of art ...
Ultimately, this alliance between different crafts and skills led to the birth of unique pieces of high quality and rare originality.

Through some alchemy, these works are imbued with true Brilliance and Light and for some, Energy and Love ...

These creations are marketed under the brand , trademark in 2007 by Frédéric Mertz.



« Pâte de verre » : a bit of history

The molten glass is probably the oldest glassmaking techniques dating back to 5000 BC. Egyptians and Phoenicians made from it jewelry, precious amulets and decorations for the funerary furniture.

Quickly challenged by the blow, this technique gradually disappeared.

In the late nineteenth century, the « Pâte de verre » is again used by Henry CROS, symbolist sculptor fascinated by archeology. His research sparked other vocations such as the Albert DAMMOUSSE ceramics, industrial Georges DESPRET, Ringel ILLZACH, and Amalric WALTER hired by the brothers to DAUM NANCY.

The « Pâte de verre » is now represented by the House DAUM that it is the trademark.



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El Ea, créateur de bijoux artisanaux originaux en pâte de cristal (pâte de verre) en Saône et Loire (71) vous fait découvrir toutes ses créations, réalisées suivant la technique de la fusion du cristal à la cire perdue. Découvrez à travers cet art nouveau un large choix de pendentifs et parures en cristal ou argent mariés à des camées ou émaux d’art.